The Shisha Pop


Are You Ready To Enhance Your Hookah Experience With The Shisha Pop?

The Shisha Pop was created to make your Shisha experience more popping…. I mean who wants to be in the club or Lounge with boring tips. Be apart of the Milli experience…

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The Pop That's Poppin

Hi! My name is Milli, hence the name MilliTips, I am a Queen raising a young King. In my spare time I enjoy reading and listening to educational and motivational podcast.

In 2020, while traveling in Dubai, I gained a love for hookah. When out celebrating with my love ones I noticed hookah was a great past time at bars and lounges that brought people together . With this in mind my creative juices started to flow and here I am introducing MilliTips.

MilliTips are handmade, flavorful, candy lollipops used to heighten your hookah experience. I am always thinking of new delicious pairings such as my Cherry Berry that pairs well with Mint Shisha.Try one or try them all and enhance your hookah experience with additional flavor using MilliTips!

The Milli Experience!